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    ❤ Tania is our runway model that has gone bad, very bad. She was in the spotlight for a short time, and then she moved on because the model life somehow bored her. She traveled a bit on that money and then finally came to rest here in Budapest. Furthermore, she is a bad girl at heart, and that is probably why the model life was not for her. ❤ There was a lot of work to do in the industry, but she just didn’t have her heart in it. This, however, seems to be the place for her. She loves it with us, and we love being with her. The great thing is that with one call to us, you can be with her tonight. ❤ She can show you a few of her modeling moves, and then she can show you a few other moves she picked up along the way. We know you will want to take a picture or two to remember her by, but she prefers to have something besides a camera in your hands when she is around. ❤ Tania will show up with one thing in mind, so do not be disappointed if you never leave the room. She has a one-track mind, and it has you on that track. She will be there in no time, and then time will stand still as she makes all your dreams come true. Think about it for a second, it is just a phone call away. You can even use the computer to set your date. ❤ It is that easy, and you do not have to say another word after that. Just open the door and let Tania do all the work. She knows what you want, and she knows how to make that happen. It is as easy as we can make it for you. We know that you are thinking about it. We know that you are picturing this sweet girl in your room. Stop thinking so much and do what comes naturally. It is that easy. ❤ Tania was telling us the other day about looking for that perfect man and what she would do to that perfect man for the rest of his life, and you never know, you just might be that man. Can you imagine Tania waking up next to you every day? We know you can imagine her tomorrow morning. There is no reason to not have this happen. ❤

    1 – hour: €200.-
    2 – hours: €350.-
    3 – hours: €500.-
    6 – hours: €800.-
    12 – hours: €1.200.-
    24 – hours: €1.800.-