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    ❤ Sultry, dark-haired Rina is a 26-year-old ball of fire whose rare is € 200/hr. She loves to go dancing in night clubs and is very big into the local club scene here. She thinks of herself as the ultimate party girl. The lifestyle of a professional escort, which is itself one great big party, has been perfectly suited to her, and she thinks of herself as very fortunate to have found this job. ❤ One of the other things she enjoys, in her spare time and in her personal life, is wearing sexy lingerie. She has, she says, a very extensive collection of sexy outfits and dress-up clothes that make her as sexy as possible. ❤ “You kind of take the party lifestyle for granted when you consider taking on this job,” Rina admits. “Until you’ve experienced it, it’s very theoretical. You hear the other girls talking about it, sure, but most of the time you think, ‘Well that just sounds great. ❤ I can party all night, all day, all week long, and get paid to do it? I can spend my workdays getting to know new and interesting men, going out on dates with them, being wined and dined, and even going with them on social occasions and to work functions? Honestly, that sounds like a dream come true when you first hear it. ❤ You think of it as a way to connect both your social life and your work life, kind of like having your cake and eating it too, you know? ❤ But then when you experience it, that’s when the reality of it hits you. And when that reality hit is when you see which of the girls can handle the escort lifestyle and which of them can’t. The way we do things separates people out pretty quickly. The ones who can’t handle it don’t stay long.” ❤

    1 – hour: € 200.-
    2 – hours: € 350.-
    3 – hours: € 500.-
    6 – hours: € 800.-
    12 – hours: € 1.200.-
    24 – hours: € 1.800.-