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    ❤ Luscious, 26-year-old Adriana is a blonde scorcher who loves to dance. Her hourly rate is €200. She also does nude yoga, and she enjoys swimming, camping, and hiking. By far her favorite activity, though, is dancing in nightclubs. She knows all the local hot spots and loves to be able to just cut loose on the dance floor. She is young, fresh, and very hot, and she knows this means she has a great deal of energy. That energetic approach is one of the things that make her so much fun to be around, she explains. ❤ “I know I come on strong,” she admits, “but I think people respond to that energy. Do you know how people say that somebody is the life of the party? I think there is real truth in that. We all know somebody who is a kind of lights up a room whenever they walk in. ❤ When they come to your party, when they visit you, when you just meet them on the street, you feel that infectious energy that they give off. It raises your spirits. It makes you feel happy, and you think about all the fun you’re going to have. ❤ You know, like getting together with friends, and it’s a quiet evening until that one person who is a ball of energy shows up, and then it’s like you just can’t stop the crazy fun from happening? I try always to bring that kind of energy with me. I like the idea of being the life of the party. It would make me happy if that is how people saw me.” ❤

    1 – hour: €250.-
    2 – hours: €400.-
    3 – hours: €500.-
    6 – hours: €800.-
    12 – hours: €1.200.-
    24 – hours: €1.800.-